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hisource active oem 9+2 MCU series poe switch (with full 1 year replacement warranty)
Created: 2023-05-02 / Modified: 2023-09-08
hisource active oem 9+2 MCU series poe switch (with full 1 year replacement warranty)
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hisource active 9+2 MCU series poe switch


  • 9*10/100Mbps RJ45 portsupport POE+
  • 2*10/100Mbps RJ45 uplink port
  • The whole power is 120Weach port max. power supply reached 30W
  • Support 250m long distance transmission,
  • Standard Switching Mode,
  • VLAN,
  • The POE port supports the priority mechanism.


Hi-F0920FBL-A POE Switch is designed and developed by our company. It can meet the demand of POE. It uses the latest high-speed Ethernet switching chip, has ultra-high backplane bandwidth design, and has extremely fast data processing capability and smooth data transmission performance. It has 9*RJ45 port2*RJ45 uplink port. Each port max. power supply reached 30W, the whole power is 120W. It can automatically detect and identify PD device that meet the IEEE 802.3af/at, support the priority mechanism.

Excellent port performance

l  Supply 9*10/100Mpbs RJ45 self-adaption, high-speed forwarding and non-packet loss RJ45 port.

l  Supply 2*10/100Mpbs RJ45 uplink port.

l  All ports supported by MDI/MDIX auto flip and self-negotiation. Support IEEE802.3X Full-duplex and backpressure for half-duplex mode.

Excellent POE power supply performance

l  9*10/100Mpbs RJ45 port support POE+meets the requirements for security monitoring, teleconference system, and wireless coverage.

l  Detect the PD devices automatically and supply the power without damaging non-POE devices.

Two modes of operation

l  Normal Mode ----All ports communicate freelysuitable for common data transmission environment.

l  Long distance transmission mode--- Support 250m long distance transmissionsuitable for long distance transmission.