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300Mbps Wireless Broadband Router Pcb Board use as normal lan switch for nvr or ip camera
Created: 2022-02-24 / Modified: 2022-06-01
300Mbps Wireless Broadband Router Pcb Board use as normal lan switch for nvr or ip camera   (ID: )
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300Mbps Wireless Broadband Router Pcb Board:-


Connectivity Type‎:- Wi-Fi

Wireless Type:- ‎802.11n, 802.11b, 802.11g

Number of Ethernet Ports:- ‎5

Wattage‎:- 6 Watts


wireless router that delivers up to 8x faster wireless speeds and 6x farther range than 802.11g while staying backward compatible with 802.11g devices. DSL modem and provide up to 300Mbps Internet access to multiple computers, game consoles, and media players. Create a secure wireless network to share photos, files, music, videos, printers, and network storage. this provides superior wireless coverage for larger homes and offices, or for users running bandwidth-intensive applications. They also includes a 4-port 10/100Mbps Ethernet switch for extra users With intelligent QoS, it prioritizes both wired and wireless Internet traffic to bandwidth-sensitive applications like online gaming, VoIP or stream multimedia. Also it supports for WPA/WPA2 security standards ensure that you will be able to use the best possible encryption regardless of your other wireless devices.




  • Wireless-N (2.4 GHz)
  • High speed up to 300 Mbps
  • Support WISP to extend wireless coverage
  • Two 5 dBi fixed antennas increase the wireless robustness and stability
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We've identified 14 uses for routers pcb board use:


  1. Use as a router
  2. Use as a ethernet switch
  3. Wireless repeater
  4. Guest Wi-Fi connection
  5. Cheap internet radio
  6. Use the old router as a network switch
  7. Adapt it as a wireless bridge
  8. Convert your router into a NAS
  9. Use an old router as a web server
  10. A DIY VPN router
  11. Sell the router on eBa
  12. Set up a separate network for IoT devices
  13. Learn more about home network
  14. Donate it to a church or school